Serving and Giving to Houma Christian School 

Houma Christian School's mission is to provide students with a solid Biblical foundation while also preparing them for a college preparatory education.  A supportive community is essential to advance the school's mission and future goals.  


There are many opportunities to serve at Houma Christian School.  We need people who are willing to make copies, serve lunches, help with lunch duty, and sell concessions during school and at athletic events.   If you feel called to serve at Houma Christian School please contact Meco Carlos at or 985-851-7423.  We know that serving is vital to a healthy school community and we welcome your help. 


Houma Christian School operates solely on tuition and gift income.  Tuition dollars are allocated to meet the basic operational needs, but our desire is to go further.  Below are some ways taht you can assist Houma Christian School financially.  When giving a donation please make sure to notate where the funds are to be allocated.  


Families of Houma Christian students are the foundation of our community.  Using your gifts, talents and your interests to serve the school in a tangible way what God has called us to do.  By playing an active role in one of our volunteer organizations, getting involved calls on all of us to serve.  The more you serve the school, the more you become invested in Houma Christian School. 

Educational Needs

Teacher are always looking for the latest and greatest materials for their students.  Blessing a teacher with an item from his or her wishlist is a great way to become tangibly involved.  Teacher wishlists may be found here

Building Fund

Houma Christian has a vision of building a new building on Living Word Church's Highway 311 campus.  This building will be built debt-free therefore donations will be needed.  The hope is to disciple more students in a Christian educational environment.  


Houma Christian School participates in numerous sports throughout the school year.  Track, football, baseball, soccer, and volleyball are just a few.  In the past couple of years HCS has built a football field and is in the process of completing a baseball field.  Current goals include finishing the baseball field, updating equipment, and purchasing a new bus.  

Student Scholarships

Times can be tough for some families depending on circumstances that arise.  Houma Christian School strives to continue to provide and support students during times of need.  Through donations and giving, students that may not otherwise be able to attend Houma Christian School are given that opportunity.