Thank you for your interest in Houma Christian School's Blended Academy.  The Houma Christian Blended Academy will be launched in the Summer of 2019.  We have felt the need for a blended academy for several years. After much prayer, planning, and research we know that God is opening the door to this new beginning. 

      Houma Christian School was established in 1985 and the 2019-2020 session marks our 35 year.  At HCS, we are proud of the outstanding faith-based educational program we have solidly in place.  We also understand that the traditional model of education does not always work for every student and family.  The blended learning program is an environment which allows flexibility in instructional time and learning opportunities.  We recognize that these programs are quickly growing across the country to meet the needs of those students who do not fit the traditional educational model.  Our program will meet these needs while not compromising our HCS Mission Statement which combines a quality academic program with teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

     The Blended Academy will be built on a high quality online curriculum that closely matches the rigor of our traditional curriculum already in place at HCS.  The new Blended Academy will be housed down the road at LWC’s Elevate building on the corner of Valhi and Venture Boulevard.  The Blended students will not have desks but will be part of a much more non-traditional setting that mirrors more of a living room than a classroom.  Blended students will have a similar curriculum schedule as their traditional peers but will have much more flexibility over which lessons, readings, and activities they do each day.  They will have more autonomy and ownership over their daily curriculum which will lead to a more independent learner. 

    We are proud to partner with Nina Pontiff, the newly appointed director of the Blended Academy.  She is a longtime LWC church member and parent at HCS.  She will be responsible for developing and monitoring individual student learning plans and progress.  Ms. Nina Pontiff has 12 years of blended learning experience.