Teacher Wish Lists




Flatscreen television with computer connectivity


Large lined chart paper

Abeka Alphabet Fun Stories #13864

Abeka Character Development Visuals #167258

1st Grade

Abeka Math Combination Dot Cards

Abeka Math Addition Flashcards

Abeka Math Subtraction Flashcards

2nd Grade


3rd Grade

Tall Bookshelves

Simple machines kits

Rocks and minerals kits

Simple circuit kits


4th Grade

Scholastic Item NTS955410, Context Clue and Figurative Language

Scholastic Item NTS959018 Read Nonfiction 

Scholastic Item NTS955412 Main Idea and Summarizing

Scholastic Item NTS506407 Homework for Building Writing SKills 

Scholastic Item NTS955413 Point of View and Fact and Opinion

Scholastic Item NTS955411 Inferences and Drawing Conclusions

Scholastic Item NTS943834 Inferences and Cause and Effect


5th Grade


6th Grade 


High School


Health and Bible: 4X6 white marker board


Secondary Math and Science: 4X6 marker board 


Middle School Math: 7th Grade Prentice Hall Exam View


Secondary Art: Art drying racks